Our professional facials are based on the innovative line of Dermika ‘New Generation of Cosmetics’. You will leave our salon with skin that is healthier, rejuvenated, radiant, and you will have a sense of peace and balance restored to your body and soul.


All facials include consultation and skin diagnosis


1. CUSTOMISED FACIAL customised to your skin's needs after skin diagnosis.

60 mins $130

90 mins $165



2. NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT with micro-currents

60 mins first treatment $105

next 3 treatments total $290


3. FACE RADIO FREQUENCY Facial wrinkle elimination, tightening and lifting by CAVITATION MACHINE

30 mins first treatment $65

next 3 treatments total $180


4. PRETTY EYES moisturizing and nourishing treatment using Smoothing Capsules rich in EFA (gamma-linoleic acid), lecithin and vit E improve the skin’s hydrolipid barrier and hydration. The Algum-Calm Mask revitalises the eyelids and reduces swelling. 45 mins, $70




All of the below services include a unique energy balancing massage during exfoliation.


It is advised that you do not consume any food 1 hour prior to your treatment. Drinking plenty of water before and after treatment is recommended.


For optimum results, body treatments are recommended every 4 weeks.


The times given below are approximate.




1. Body Polish and Detox with Oil Infusion A simple and blissful experience combining oils of highest purity with macadamia nut meal and shell, kiwi and pomegranate extracts and epsom salts for detoxification. Works well in conjunction with a cleansing diet. Recommended once a week, excellent for relaxing after a hard day’s work, and at a very affordable price. 70 mins, $100


2. Tropicana Sugar Body Peeling A lush, tropical scrub based on particles of raw cane sugar. Natural substances from orange fruit, cocoa tree, rich in vit C, A and P, polyphenols and theobromine, caffeine and magnesium have a smoothing effect and stimulate microcirculation. The unique composition of natural ingredients and the influence of body temperature result in the effusion of an aroma creating a luxuriant and sultry experience. Natural oils create a gentle film with skin-nourishing properties, which keeps the skin nourished and protected even after washing. 70 mins, $120


3. Supermoisturising Cranberry Fluid Mask The mask contains Cranberry fruit extract rich in antioxidants and Vit E, and Cranberry oil rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids. This mask is particularly efficient at protecting the skin from trans-epidermal moisture loss and corrects the level of skin hydration and firmness. Prevents premature skin ageing (sagging), roughness, wrinkles and creases. Alternative ORANGERY aromatic fluid mask of orange, guarana and grapefruit for uplifting and rejuvenation. 60 mins, $90


4. Australian Aboriginal Clay Body Wrap A divine body exfoliation containing Australian ground nut shells and a blend of Australian essential oils, followed by a lavish Australian Superfine Organic Clay used for centuries by Aboriginies for sacred healing and ceremonial purposes. Highly active, free from toxins and naturally pure clay body mask, incorporates luxurious flower waters and extracts. This deeply penetrating body treatment is high in minerals that are depleted from the body by exposure to pollution. The treatment is completed with the Dream Oil, a regenerating and soothing blend of grape seed oil rich in linolenic acid and canola oil with anti-inflammatory properties. Natural tangerine, orange and lemon essential oils result in an exceptionally relaxing yet invigorating finish. 90 mins, $140

Addition 1: a nourishing blend of 9 organic herbs which includes softening oatmeal, ground sesame seeds and wild calendula flowers to relax the nervous tissue, stimulate blood circulation and condition the skin, extra $10

Addition 2: massage with Magic Stones. Complete treatment

120 mins, $150


5. Oriental Body Wrap Soothing and uplifting. Highly recommended for people lacking energy. Natural exfoliation grains of argan and apricot seeds, and dried orange peel. Essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, orange, lemon and rosemary exude an aura of the orient. The Oriental Fluid Mask encourages lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Treatment is completed with the light, fast-absorbing Oriental Mousse containing orchid flower, black pepper, and grapefruit extracts for firm and smooth skin. 90 mins, $140


6. Ocean of Calm Body Wrap Skin-calming, purifying and fresh; suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Natural substances in the Tropicana Sugar Body Peeling from orange fruit, cocoa tree, rich in vit C, A and P, polyphenols and theobromine, caffeine and magnesium smooth the skin and stimulate microcirculation. Next, the unique and pure composition of the Breton Sea Mud Mask (containing natural, pure sediments and mineral elements sourced deep from the ocean floor) improves the skin’s structure, smoothes, soothes, calms irritations and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. Liquid jojoba waxes, grape seed and sunflower extracts in the Exotica skin conditioning cream regenerate, nourish and calm the skin. 90 mins, $150


7. Organic Body Firming Body Wrap Thalasso peeling with biolipids is followed by the Active Organic Mud which contains red and brown algae, bladder wrack algae, ivy, chestnut seed (rich in bio-flavonoids Vit P), rosemary leaf oil (soothes physical and mental fatigue), and lemon oil which boosts metabolism and helps combat excessive fat deposits. The mask stimulates microcirculation and detoxification. The treatment is concluded with the Pro-elastic Superactive Strengthening Cream, a unique preparation that stimulates collagen synthesis and protects against the formation of stretch marks. This treatment leaves the skin exceptionally supple, fresh, perfectly hydrated, revitalised and velvety to the touch. It is especially recommended for ‘spider veins’ (e.g. on legs). 90 min, $165


8. Anti-cellulite Alga-Thalasso Body Wrap Intensive body-shaping treatment to firm and reduce cellulite. The Thalasso peeling with biolipids, red algae and fruit acids (mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation) is very effective in eliminating harshness and excessive callosity of the epidermis. Purifying effects leave the skin velvety smooth and ready to soak up the Alga-Thalasso mask rich in organic and mineral substances, essential oils and sphingolipids to help combat and prevent cellulite. Polyphenols protect the skin from ageing, reinforce the walls of blood vessels and neutralise toxic elements. Rich in vitamin B complex and vitamins A, E, H, folic acid, PP and C. The Thalasso Cream instantly firms, nourishes and regenerates even the most dehydrated skin. Contains Pelvetia canaliculata which has slimming and anti- cellulite properties. 90 mins, $165


9. Anti-cellulite localised treatment A powerful, targeted treatment to reduce and help prevent cellulite using specialist ampoules and equioment. Treatments must be purchased in a package of 6 treatments for $490. Each treatment lasts 45 mins. Greatest benefit is achieved when combined with the Anti-cellulite Alga-Thalasso Spa treatments (no. 8 above). Please discuss with us a special package price.


10. Body Contouring (Intensive Lipoplasty with Ultrasonic Cavitation)

60 mins, $120

8 session 60 mins each $790